Fun French sessions for preschool children

With Lise and Coco l’escargot learning French is child’s play. Come and join us with your little one for:

  • Fun and lively sessions
  • Songs with actions and typical French rhymes
  • Lots of props and games
  • Stories
  • A booklet to carry on at home

You might even improve your own French along the way…

“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way” – Frank Smith

Learning a new language comes naturally to children and the earlier they are exposed, the better. Studies show that exposing young children to another language:

  • Stimulates their interest for other languages and cultures
  • Helps them to develop their concentration and memory skills
  • Improves their creative and problem-solving skills
  • Makes it easier for them to learn another language in the future

Give your little one a head-start in language and, most of all, come and have fun with Lise and Coco l’escargot!

Interested? Find out about current classes or get in touch with Lise to book a free trial session.